Whether it is a short- or long-term project, we can help!

We can step into any part of a project process and take it exactly where you want it to be. Our expert staff can work with your time-frames and understand quickly what you need to succeed. We are experienced in partnering with businesses and working through all aspects of a project.

Projects ‘R” Us have been recognized project management experts for over 20 years! Many of our clients have been working with us and our parent company, Enterprise Project Management Ltd. since our inception in 1996. We bring real world practical experience to managing projects. No budget for consulting services but need tools/templates to streamline your projects? Then try our Project Management Process.

We use SimulTrain® in our Process

When using SimulTrain®, participants work in groups of four people on each simulator. They learn from the simulation itself: whenever they make a decision, the simulated people involved in the project will react and give feedback through email or voicemail. The participants also learn from the inevitable interactions that take place within their four-person group.

The SimulTrain® simulator trains in two different domains:

Initiating and planning a project. The project manager:

  • Identifies the project team with agreed roles and responsibilities
  • Organizes the quality management process

Executing, monitoring and controlling a project. The project manager:

  • Manages human resources
  • Verifies that quality is monitored and controlled
  • Manages Material resources
  • Monitors project status, communicating that status to stakeholders
  • Manages changes in a professional manner
  • Makes decisions that mitigate risk
  • Verifies that contracts are correctly administered
The project manager:

  • Actively listens, understands, and responds to stakeholders
  • Creates a team environment that promotes high performance
  • Builds and maintains effective relationships
  • Motivates and mentors project team members
  • Takes accountability for delivering the project
  • Plans and manages for project success in an organized manner
  • Resolves conflict involving the project team or stakeholders
  • Effectively resolves issues and solves problems
  • Resolves problems with the project
  • Maintains project stakeholder involvement, motivation and support
  • Manages a diverse workforce
  • Resolves individual and organizational issues while maintaining objectivity


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